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Marijuana Dispensaries Strains - Sativa

Cannabis Sativa Plants are easily identified by their narrower leaves, and lighter green color. These plants need more light and take longer to grow. Sativa Cannabis Plants, available at your local marijuana dispensaries, have been said to be higher in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical in marijuana that makes people high, and lower in CBD when used to create medicine. Yet, often users claim the opposite. Sativa Strain can help regulate mood, sleep, and learning. It helps increase serotonin, and is the better strain to use during the day. Some believe it matters more how and where it is grown.

Benefits: Sativa Strain can be used for chronic pain. It won’t make you drowsy and can be used for anxiety problems and depression.

Side Effects: Keeps you awake, harder to sleep. Sativa Strain can make your mouth dry making you thirsty.

Marijuana Dispensaries Strains - Hybrid

Generally speaking a Hybrid Cannabis Strain is a mix between Indica Strains and Sativa Strains. Hybrid Strains can be either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant or mixed in a 50/50 blend. Why would you wish to have a hybrid? Indica and Sativa have different effects, depending on which sensations you want and which effects don’t, will determine which blend you prefer best. You should always feel comfortable consulting your budtender at your local marijuana dispensaries.

Perhaps you want to reduce pain and stress, but you don’t want to become drowsy, or maybe you want to ditch depression, but you don’t want to increase your appetite, since you’d like to lose weight? Can you see why so many folks prefer a specific blend? How do you know what to choose? You have to try a few blends and see what works best for you.

Benefits: By choosing a Hybrid Blend you can get most of the benefits you’d like and prevent the side-effects you least prefer.

Marijuana Dispensaries Strains - Indica

Cannabis Indica Plants have wider leaves and are quicker to grow than Sativa Plant strains or varieties. Since they grow faster and bigger, growers note they can get better yield with less energy for light. The debate on which strain has more THC is up for debate. It appears to be dependent in the regions where is grown. Some research on this shows each strain is nearly the same (within the margin for error). Indica strain has a more relaxing appeal and is good for night-time use if you’d like to sleep well. Makes sure to ask your budtender at your local marijuana dispensaries for advise. Indica varieties tend to increase dopamine putting the mind into a restful displacement.

Benefits: Mind and body relaxation, decreases pain, takes away anxiety, makes you happy.

Side Effects: Increases appetite and makes you drowsy. Tends to dry out your mouth, making you thirsty.

Cannabis has never been more popular in the Ventura County, the United States and the globe as a whole.  From those looking to get high to individuals in search of pain relief there are varied reasons for cannabis use.  Forbes reports the worldwide cannabis industry is worth nearly $8 billion.  This market is poised to exceed $31 billion at some point next year.  In fact, the cannabis industry has become so popular that Ventura County voters might soon be asked to give the go-ahead on allowing marijuana-growing enterprises to operate in unincorporated areas.  In fact, cannabis-related laws have progressed to the point that individuals over the age of 21 living in Ventura County are now permitted to grow upwards of half a dozen marijuana plants in their domicile.

805 Cannabis has been created to make your cannabis shopping experience easy while allowing to compare prices and save money. Order can be placed online for delivery or pickup at your local marijuana dispensary. Please note that delivery fees and schedules will vary from dispensary to dispensary. Please visit the dispensaries page for more information or drop us a line.